Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Last Hoorah

Well, it was the last Saturday of Christmas break and we ventured out to Vasquez Rocks just north of Santa Clarita towards Palmdale. The rocks' origin is connected to the San Andreas fault (or so Wikipedia says). Anyway, the park includes 900 acres of fun!
What a great place to enjoy for a couple of hours climbing the rocks, hiking, and enjoying God's creation. The day was cool and windy but we wrapped up and spent a couple of hours at the park. Ali was enjoying the climb and Isaiah was ecstatic dressed in full army gear ready for the adventure complete with the camo do-wrag! Later that night we watched Kung-Fu Panda and then off to bed for church on Sunday.
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Jenny Lyon said...

Hey Kim!! I was so excited to find your blog!! I noticed you have the wrong address for our blog on your link... ours is thelyoncubs.blogspot.com