Thursday, October 22, 2009

Update on Isaiah

Looking back nearly 18 months I am happy to report that Isaiah's stomach is pretty much pain free! After a long saga of doctors, medicines, etc. we finally found help from a homeopathic doctor who steered us toward the fact that he had food allergies. By removing wheat, corn and dairy from his diet, (Not easy to do...) he began to get relief from the continual stomach aches. We now know that he cannot digest dairy and have reintroduced corn in small amounts and he seems to do okay. Wheat is still on hold at this point. He is healthy and growing, and we are thankful to the LORD that he answered our prayers and brought healing to our son. I am extremely thankful for my wife who was forced to completely re-think what and how she cooked for him and for our entire family. She has been very diligent and we are all very grateful!

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